What is A “Error 404” Message?

An “Error 404” message usually appears because the page, post or link you are looking for is no longer available. At South Coast Digital we try our best to make sure that all of our customers websites will not show the “Error 404” message.

What happens if I see an Error 404 message?

Usually the link you are trying to visit has moved, renamed or changed to different location. You can try and search for the particular page you are looking for on our customers website. If you believe this is a mistake please message us on our chat feature, copy and past the link you are trying to access and we will try and help you find the page/post you are looking for.

Did you check for a typo?

The most common reason why you will see an “Error 404” message is because there is a typo within the URL. Make sure you double check the URL for spelling mistakes. A spelling mistake is a common reason as to why the “Error 404” message will appear.

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