What most website developers don’t tell you…

What most website developers don’t tell you is don’t cost a lot of money to go online. As a matter of fact, having a Facebook or Instagram page is a great place to start. Why? It’s for free!

The reason why most businesses want a professional made website is because it has there branding all over it. Think about it, they have a website address (example.com), a fancy landing page with there logo all over it and a some what interesting video that begs for you to work with them.

It’s sort of similar to renting/leasing out a shop. You lease the shop, you change the paint, you put up your signage and branding, you have customers that walk in and you talk about to them about how your business is different to the one next door. Sounds familiar?

Having a .com is no different to having a physical address. It’s a place of business.

The whole point of this article is, what most web developers don’t tell is you that having a website is a communication tool. Not a selling tool. A website should be able to share your website and connect with your desired audience. Similar to your Facebook or Instagram page.

Here are some free website tips to help you build put together your new website. This is what most website developers don’t tell you. And we are crazy enough to give them away for you for free!

You Need To Have A Simple Message That Makes Them Say…

“Yes!”. The moment your customer sees your website, they want to say yes! If you go to our homepage the first thing you will see is “Do you want to go online the stress-free way?”. What was your response?

A Website Should Be Clean & Simple Like Your Physical Business:

You wouldn’t have a dirty business and signs telling your customers where to walk that has no pure meaning. How many times have you been on a website that uses horrible stock photos and videos, and that has buttons that take to places that you don’t want to go or that doesn’t give you any meaning or value. Your website should be clean and simple to use. No gimmicks, straight to the point with a simple message.

Utilize Your Blog To Increase Your SEO Ranking on Google & Microsoft Search (Website Developers Hate This):

Having an updated blog that is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly will make it easy for your customers to find you. Your customers are looking for 2 things on Google & YouTube (we include YouTube because it is the second largest search engine in the world) entertainment or education. Provide free value to your customers using entertainment or education and they are more likely to buy from you in the future.

Most Website Developers Build Website A To Break:

Unfortunately, this a common issue. Especially for a lot of technology companies they make technology that is designed to break. Why? Because, they can profit from fixing your products or services. What South Coast Digital offers is a professional website that is designed to work with close to 0% downtime. If there is downtime, we will fix it before you know about it. How is that for service?

What most website developers tell is that they don’t like dealing with customers. They usually enjoy hiding behind the screen, reading code that you don’t understand. It’s another way to communicate a message. That’s why South Coast Digital is different we love talking and helping our customers!


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